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GPU Driver makes text almost unreadable?

hi everyone,


Just wondering if someone would be able to lend me any knowledge on this issue as it's quite frustrating and I really have no idea where to even begin to try and fix it.

I'm running an asus amd radeon 290 and I just recently reinstalled windows 10 (this is like a secondary computer) and I noticed that before windows installs the gpu driver the text looks fine. But once the driver is installed, the text immeadiately becomes grainy, out of focus and hard to read. This occurs on any monitor (all hdmi) and at any resolution (typically 1080p, but it even happens on 4k). I've attached two pictures below of the before and after. If I then disable the driver and restart, the text looks fine again. So clearly this has to be something to do with the driver, or amd in general (my other pc is rocking a 1080ti with no issue)


Thanks in advance for any help



after 2.jpg





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Looks like overscan is being enabled judging by the edges of the images being pushed off the screen.


What display are you using?


Go to AMD Settings -> Display, and if there's an HDMI Scaling option, make sure it's at 0%.



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Yeah sorry, the first pic was before I changed overscan. But second pic is with the scaling right, but still has the weird text

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and the moitor is just some generic display, nothing fancy. But the issue occurs regardless of what monitor is being used

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Maybe the driver's doing something weird with cleartype

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Well I tried turning cleartype off and on and tried different profiles, but it still looks terrible. I read somewhere that it could have been a chroma subsampling issue and that amd may have been using a 4:2:2 format instead of the superior 4:4:4, but when I checked it is using 4:4:4. So I really have no idea why it does this

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