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Intel decoding on Elementary OS

I'm trying to get Intel decoding for Steams in-home streaming, I'm just having issues trying to get it setup. When streaming my desktop to my T530, I can see it's using the CPU for decoding rather than using the HD 4000 on the client even though I specified to use it in Steam settings.

I'm not super familiar with Linux, and Elementary OS is basically just a simplified distro with limited repositories and pre-installed software.

I think this might also solve my other issue of video playback being laggy on certain browsers as well.


Well, I'm pretty sure I have Intel decoding but it doesn't seem to work for Steam.

1.7.1-0intel1 is installed, I heard I need an older version, granted, they are older posts I've seen. No idea what I'd need to do to get the older version installed to test if it'll work.

Mid-range Emulation Gaming and Video Rendering PC

[CPU] i7 4790k 4.7GHz & 1.233v Delidded w/ CLU & vice method [Cooling] Corsair H100i [Mobo] Asus Z97-A [GPU] MSI GTX 1070 SeaHawk X[RAM] G.Skill TridentX 2400 9-11-11-30 CR1 [PSU] Corsair 750M 

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