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Mixing Quadro and GeForce




I have a mixed use system that really doesn't get pushed hard in either gaming or 3D CAD but it does get used for both.  My primary work station at work is running a Quadro K4200 that I'm getting upgraded to a P4000 here soon and I really use the Quadro enabled functionality for Realview rendering in SolidWorks that I don't get at home with a GTX1070.  I've seen it referenced that you can run both a Quadro and a GeForce in the same system but they have to be of the same generation so I was wondering if picking up a low end Quadro P400 and pairing it with my GTX1070 would be a worthwhile idea.


I have twin Dell U2410 monitors and would have no problem having one dedicated monitor per card and even task (not sure how SolidWorks would know which monitor it's on though).


General Thoughts, Advice?

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