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Compact mATX cases with SLI support

For Science!

Dear All,


I'm looking for recommendations for mATX cases that will support 2 full length graphics cards. I'm looking for the mATX varients of the ncase M1 and the DAN cases series, something with no space wasted whatsoever. As a seperate category though, I would also like to hear your recommendations of compact cases that support custom water cooling (to some degree anyway).

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As for mATX cases that are as small as possible, check out Project Orthrus.

It hasn't actually come out yet and it will be super pricey when it does - but if it's what you're looking for... It may be the best choice.

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Designing a mITX case. Working on aluminum prototypes.

Open for intern / part-time. Good at maths, CAD and airflow stuff. Dabbled with Python.

Please fill out this form! It helps a ton! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/841400-the-poll-to-end-all-polls-poll/

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