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Sony v Canon for Videography and Photography

Just a question. 


I like to make short flims and am looking for a new camera. I'll spend whatever and buy whatever accessories that I need. I also (sometimes) take photos, photography isn't a main priority, but I'd prefer a camera that's better for videography and okay for photography. 4K is ideal.  

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Panasonics GH5 is a good option or a Sony A6500 or A7s ii (maybe worth waiting for an A7 s iii that probably will drop in the coming 6 months) 



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What is your budget for a camera and accessories like glass etc. 


What will you be shooting? 


Do you currently own any gear that would make it more difficult to/easier to  go with a particular brand or ecosystem? What will you be photographing/videographing? 


On the face of it, if you need 4K, then sony is the clear winner. The 5dmk4 is the cheapest camera in Canon's current lineup to shoot 4k, and that is quite expensive and only shoots 4K at a 1.74x crop, it does have C-Log, but the codec it records in is controversial. All of which issues are not present if you go with an a7sii, or the a7iii, which will probably do 4k anyway, but is a while away. 


The issue with the a7sii is that its really not enough for photography. The a6500 is a better compromise, although its APS-C, but I'm not very sure about it due to the glass availability. I find Sony's apsc lineup to be a bit lacking (although most manufacturers suffer from that.) 


Another option would be the fuji xt2, with the battery grip since it is necessary for video. The reason being, that fuji has the best apsc lens lineup of any firm at the moment, because their glass is tailored for APSC cameras of supposedly professional quality. Although, I'm not aware of its in video AF capabilities and the lenses focus is electronically assisted which may present issues with MF in video. 

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