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Looking at options for another pair of headphones. (Currently have HD 700's and Magni/Modi)


Years ago I bought some Sennheiser HD 700s, and while I enjoy them for certain types of music, they are decidedly underwhelming with anything using bass. (I was real shit at researching...)


I've been looking at Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm, and DT990 Premium. Primarily for Hip Hop/R&B/EDM music, as well as gaming. 


I'm leaning towards the 770's as they offer something different, and I think the 990's might be a bit too similar to my HD 700s. Frustratingly in my research now, I've seen a handful of anecdotes from people saying the 770s had very overwhelming bass, and the 990s are far better for gaming. Also seen several comments about the 990s bass doesn't compare to the 770s. It leaves me a tad confused.


$180 is reasonably within my budget, but I made a poor decision previously based on not enough research and do not wish to do so again. 

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