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In-ear/Over-ear Headphone recommendations


Hello, I am looking for a pair of headphones that can survive longer than 6 months , The problems I always face are wires getting loose at the jack, the earpiece, or speakers being blown. I have used Skullcandy Fixed, Ink'd, and Chops, Bombshell, and Kilpsch R6. Over the past 6 years, every 10 months I would use the (now defunked) lifetime warranty on the Skullcandys' but now after losing headphones in the mail and warranties running out, I am at the point were I think I need to buy higher quality headphones, but I don't want to risk spending 100$+ to just have the same problems, so I am asking for help.


Things the headphones have to endure:

14+ hours of constant use every day

tugging and pulling from tables and desks

lifting of phones, pulling of laptop on carpet

temperature range on -20 to 32C 


Things I desire:


3.5mm jack

1.2-1.3m cable length

gell tips, cannot do Apple EarPods

closed back

no batteries

large cups


Thanks for looking over and helping if you can.

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How about some decent Beyerdynamic Dt 770pro ? They are build like a tank, they will last  forever, with the spiral Cable you have ~3m Cable lenght and they sound great.

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