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Looking for a simple point and shoot that takes quality photos

Hey guys just looking for recommendations to check out on an easy to use point and shoot for traveling. My max budget is around $1200. I have been checking out the Fujifilm X100F, Canon G7X, Panasonic LX10, ZS100 and the Sony Cyber-shot Mark V. Mostly Im just looking for a camera I can leave in automatic mode and go on with my day. Any recommendations and advice would be welcome :)

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5 hours ago, Mr alex said:

I know its not a P&S but you should still consider it for its price tag



p.s you can get English versions

why would OP overlook the bunch of mirrorless cameras that are already well placed and catered for in the market like sony, m4/3 or fuji x and go to xiaomi for one when they can clearly spend a good amount?


OP: Any of those will do, however there are 2 things to consider: 


Something like the xt20 or xe3 with the 23mm f/2 is fairly compact, offers pretty much the same capabilities and a bit more and allows you to get more glass if you so desire in the future. Also, the 27mm pancake would be a nice option to consider as well I personally like fuji's handling a lot, but the sony and canon are obviously quite good as well.  (keep in mind the x100 series has very similar interals with the x-tx0 and x-ex of your choice and is coupled with a variant of the 23mm f/2 anyway. 


Secondly, if what you need is a camera you can leave on auto, why not just use your phones camera and have one less thing to carry? Phone cameras these days are very capable, they even offer manual control and RAW shooting. Why spend the frankly humangous sum these cameras go for and not stick with your phone?

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