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The 1920x1080 MEME PC - WE BUILD & TEST IT

I don't understand why the last 6 months has seen such a change in video style. 


Linus always said their growth has been steady, so why change to this juvenile style? Were subscriptions dropping or something? 


Maybe i have just gotten too old... but that can't be it as the older videos were objectively different. 


Is the new style working? Are subscriptions dramatically increasing now? 



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On 10.9.2017 at 8:46 PM, Misanthrope said:

Other way around. [1080 botglenecks threadripper.]



Only in a purely abstract way. This still doesn't explain that the results really suck. Extremely! (35 fps in Deus Ex at a very bad resolution? 6 at 4K?) The 1080 is not a sucking card...


Seems more like the "joke" that everyone seems to or pretend to get but not mention is that the threadripper... has, what, Bios-issues, too many threads for Windows to manage in gaming? And clocked at 4GHz it might actually bottleneck compared to an i7.


(Neither "overkill" for 1080P nor imperfect pairing seems to be the joke in the actual video, in any case. But I guess it's all just a bullshit.)

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