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Wanted to sell my current computer so i could start anew. Any suggestions on pricing?

Hey there guys, i wanted your opinions on how much i should put my computer for sale and where i should advertise it (i know trying to sell locally will end up in something that will never take off so im willing to sell it internationally, at least where its feasible to send the computer to and where shipment wont ruin half the return so EU only pretty much).


With that in mind, i will list the specifications and i would like you tell me what you think (to keep in mind is that all the components are in tip top condition in terms of external looks and have been cleaned). Some of the components like the 850 Pro and the AIO i will be saving for later since they were recent purchases in the grand scheme of things and will of use in the future build.


Case: Corsair C70 Gunmetal black;

Mobo: Asus Z87-Deluxe;

CPU: Intel I5-4670;

Drives: Corsair Force GS 128GB + 1TB WD Green HD;

PSU: Corsair AX860I;

RAM: G.Skill RipjawZ 32GB 1600Mhz;

Monitor: Asus MX239H;

Cooler: Corsair H60 (had it stored as a backup and it works perfectly fine);

Speakers (optional): I can sell a working set of Logitech Z506 if the buyer chooses to get them aswell.


I wont be selling the GTX 770 because i was unable to figure out the cause of failure and i dont have any replacement card yet.


So guys, can you tell me how much this build should cost (try to evaluate based on the fact that at least here in Portugal getting pc parts is expensive and hard to do so, so i suppose it should still be slightly more worthwhile than in a place like the US or Canada and everything is working well too) and where should i sell it? eBay?


I may ask further information if i find myself having to do this and if the price is feasible enough but nonetheles evaluate the pc with all the components i listed in euros. Thanks!

Groomlake Authority

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Depending on the buyer you could get enough for a GTX 1080ti,  I however would sell everything individually to get the most out of your hardware.


How much a build should cost depends on what you want...if your like me you simply only buy the best hardware regardless of price but not everyone can do that "or has the patience of a saint...I'm a saint!"  If you can't afford x399 or x299 look at Ryzen A4 or Intel Z270 and get the chip and motherboard you KNOW you can afford.


Set a budget, $800-2000 is a very common build budget but remember $2,000 won't go far in a X399 or X299 system so you have to look at the mainstream chipsets because they're cheaper.


What are you actually trying to do with this system?  If you doing cad, 3d work, video edition, I would save for a x399 or x299 system just because it would be more beneficial to you.

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21 minutes ago, ErickS89 said:


Yeah i was planning to make a small and compact build, probably miniITX or microATX at best, based on the next gen I7-8700K + whatever Nvidia or AMD will have or present by the time i get the money.


My focus are mostly a very capable portable desktop rig but with noise dampening material (optional ofc) and that will allow me to use my current H110 GT.


Okay i will try to figure out an individual pricing and if you dont mind i could ask you what you think later on?

Groomlake Authority

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Hey guys ive been thinking about the prices i should apply to the parts i want to sell and i was wondering what you tought about these prices:


Corsair C70 Gunmetal Black - 80€;

Asus Z87-Deluxe - 140€;

I5-4670 - 100€;

Corsair Force GS 128GB - 70€;

WD Green 1TB - 35€;

Corsair AX860I - 130€;

G.Skill RipjawZ 32GB DDR3 kit - 120€;

Asus MX239H - 130€;

Z506 speakers (optional) - 70€;


So what do you guys think of these prices? The parts that i saw as more befitting to outlive or be less likely to fail before the rest were the PSU and the RAM therefore i dont see why they should get such a major price decrease as the rest of the parts, with the case being a similar piece, when they are in great condition.


If you could tell me what you think, not to mention that at 875€ from 2300€ initially when bought :P and since you mentioned i could buy a 1080 TI, thats the price i wanted to place but i could always try to get it to 900€ with a little twist here or there but i dont expect to go any lower...

Groomlake Authority

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