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My mice impressions - Razer Mamba, Logitech, and Kone XTD


I love trying out different tech - and seeing which is the best, and works best for me. I have tried a variety of mice, here are my impressions for general windows use and gaming, Battlefield 1, tomb raider, etc. 


Razer Mamba Tournament edition (Least favorite, I did not like this mouse much when compared to the others)

Pros: Not too heavy, (I prefer a lighter mouse) chroma colors if you like that

Cons :.Software is terrible, I strongly dislike needing to have razer synapse to program the mouse; at least Logitech you can program and uninstall if needed

The mouse also did not feel that accurate, hard to explain -it just didn't feel natural. 


Kone XTD and EMP: 

Pros: One of the best mice to touch and feel under your hand, and has one of the best build quality of all the mice. (Braided cables, just feels good in general and tracks well)

Cons: Software is not good, once again - a bit buggy. But at least you can program and then uninstall it.


Logitech G402 and G502

Pros: Great software, the best out of the bunch. Both mice feel good In their own way, G502 feels more high end with braided cable and better textures, but the G402 is so light and easy to use that you forget that. G502 also has better RGB lights. 

Cons: I find the G502 a bit heavy, and the G402 could have a bit better build quality (Braided cable, better scroll wheel, etc) 


What's my favorite? The G402. It is amongst the cheaper of the bunch and older than some of them, but it just feels right. So light, and natural - it's a pleasure to use. I switch back and forth between this and the G502, and while I appreciate the more "high end" feel of the 502, I always am elated when I switch back to the G402. Sometimes simplicity is best. 



As for keyboards? That's much easier. I am using Corsair k70 RGB with the speedshift keys. (Similar to red)  I had a Razer Black widow Tournament edition before; felt fantastic and mechanical, but once again I disliked having Razer Synapse open, and the media scroll/volume wheel on the Corsair is essential for me, I disliked the Razer not having a scroll wheel. 





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