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$1k budget, which headphones?

It's been very difficult finding someone who has owned both sets of these cans but I'd like to try. I have a $1k budget and I have a Burson Soloist amp which pairs nicely with neutral or brighter type headphones. I'm trying to decide between the HD800 or the Koss ESP 950. Koss is no longer made in the States as I've learned but they have a lifetime warranty on the cans. They're also a bit cheaper. I've been curious on trying Electrostats for a while and would eventually upgrade the amp down the line with a Stax compatible one.


On the other hand, because the Burson amp is considered slightly warm it should clean up the 6khz spike in the HD800's. I don't personally feel like investing the time in modding them. Are there any other options I should be looking at? I listen to everything but mainly hip hop and electronic. I'm not a basshead so that's not a priority. Thanks.

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