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So i needed part for my phone but i couldn't find it anywhere, so i found this site with mobile part, so i asked them can they get me that part, they said they have and stuff like that u can read it all in messages, so i ordered it from their site with my other email that is not in any way connected to this that i spoke to them, i tried to see are they scammers but i don't know i already gave them 20$, can just somebody tell me if you had any experience with them, are they scammers or not?
And please read messages that are in this image



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did you pay via paypal? if so open up a case, if you didnt, well then thats your fault, any company that doesnt except paypal scam 9 times out of 10.

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I payed via paypal, but i read that if they withdraw the money paypal can't get me back, is that true?

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First I am not sure how well known that company is. Maybe just some people that work in repair shops.

If you searched for reviews of their website you could find mixed feelings from OK to cheap phones with issues.

But that was some years back.


To me it looks like it could be legit but would looked part somewhere else. In your case seams only option.


One thing would be strange though if they are scammers. Think they would not check your PayPal country,

as that question was for fraud alert they may have. ( I gde baš Surinam nadje :) ) 


Also think you will have no issue to set dispute on PayPal, think you  have 45 days to do that.

So even in worst case you should get money back  I hope.

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Believe it or not but they really got Suriname instead of my country they replied me saying that they will refund me(which they did) and i can order again, while i was ordering again i saw in paypal checkout saying this in picture :) bla bla bla and instead or my country it said Suriname, now i hope i will have no problem with my package delivering to me or i will again think it is f* scam :)


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