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Screw "stuck" in a screw hole on mobo

Go to solution Solved by TheRandomness,

That's a standoff, the thing the other screw is screwed in to. Just use some pliers to hold the standoff, and unscrew the screw as you normally would do. 

Look at the picture - the screw is in the mobo hole with some other screw? I have tried to get this out but have no clue what it is. I think it came from the screws that came with the case but everything looks fine on the case. I honestly can't get it out and am not sure how to. I can't install without taking the screw out (it angles the mobo up on the case since the screw goes down further and makes it uneven). How on earth do I get this off? (PS - pretty sure it's two screws stuck together). 



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