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Anyone from Toronto Canada?

9 hours ago, Dumbee said:


Quebec is totally different then the rest of Canada in so many ways.

You cant even enter a draw to win something if you live in Quebec.

If you live in Quebec the tax laws are totally different.

Fuck man, in Quebec they got fucking Language Police.

....And yes if you dont speak fluent french them damn sepratist Quebecors will snub their nose up at you.

Its like in the rest of Canada, when there is a Frenchie Sepratist Quebec, its hard to understand them so you dont even bother trying to listen to them, they want to have their own country and seperate, fucking let em. Alberta gives them transfer payments to support their lazy asses, same goes for the newfy provinces too, fishing is gone so Alberta transfer payments are their welfare checks.

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39 minutes ago, sgzUk74r3T3BCGmRJ said:

If you've travelled at all in the developed world you'll have come to learn that a bar looks like a bar no matter what it's called. A grocery store looks like a grocery store, a hospital looks like a hospital. When you get directions that say "turn left on Rue Saint Marc" then you watch for a street sign labled "Rue Saint Marc" and turn left. If you want to know how fast you're allowed to drive you'll look along the side of the road for a black and white sign with "80 km/h" printed on it. If you want to know where the turning lanes are, you'll look for an arrow above the road: it's exactly the same as everywhere else by design. When you see a large red octogon with white letters in the middle at an intersection you do the exact same thing you'd do in Poland or Beijing, you don't need to read the sign because the shape tells you what to do.


By Canadian standards: not really. Montreal is a little colder in the winter and it gets more snow but the basic weather patterns are similar. On most days the temperatures will be within a few degrees of one another. If you live down-town in Toronto you'll often find the lake tends to make the weather more moderate: where the rest of the city gets snow, the lake-front communities tend to get rain instead. Right now both Montreal and Toronto are about 24°C and about 55% humidity and cloudy: the perfect temperature for sitting on the patio at a pub.



When I said the names of stuff were in French, I was talking about stuff like carrots on the supermarket and stuff like that, not road names, that I can understand well. And finally, to finalize this thread, do you think I'd be better of learning French and living in Montreal or pay more on rent and living in Toronto?

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No need to learn French in Canada, NONE!!!!!!

Even in Federal Government there is little to no need to learn nor speak French.

Used to be every single job at the Federal level required you to learn and speak French.

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