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How to know if mouse is laser or optical?

7 minutes ago, MrMcMuffinJr said:

it has a g-sensor for high speed movments. confortable too. I forget it is in my hand

What the fuck is a "g sensor" ?

The 402 uses a am010 sensor. The newer logi mice use a 3366 sensor which is near impossible to spin out

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2 hours ago, Zando Bob said:

Following. Been wondering this myself. What's the difference?


Well, first things first, all Sensors are optical, you can split them up into image correlation sensors illuminated either via VCSEL(laser) or LED, or Philips Twin Eye, which uses the "doppler shift method", fundamentally both illumination methods of the first group works in the same ways as its "just a camera and a dsp comparing pictures"in both cases, to the point where for example 3310 and 3988/3989 are based on 9800 despite using different illumination methods, the difference lies in how much of the structure is being seen by the IAS, which depending on the useage scenario can be an advantage or not, for accurate distance measuring LED illumination is preferable.


As for PTE, this basically explains what you need to know:





2 hours ago, BlackHoleFox said:

In most cases, a laser mouse has a no light being emitted from it. An optical on the other hand, just has a clear thing on the bottom that tracks it with light". So one glows bright, one doesn't.


That btw isnt true as LED´s can emit IR light as well.


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Laser sensors have inherent acceleration, which is not good at all for FPS games. You generally want to stick with mice with optical sensors.


Currently these are the best mice sensors available:






*Everything below the 3360 are just slightly different versions used by different companies (Logitech, Razer, Roccat etc.)


You should look at the latest generation of Logitech mice, Razer Deathadder Elite or the Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye. Zowie's offerings are a bit dated but they are still great mice overall.



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21 hours ago, woll3 said:


Well, first things first, all Sensors are optical,



Haha ,jk.


But yes, as @woll3 said,  all of those sensors are optical. Laser is optical... ie: Optical Drive, which uses a laser.

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