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Budget In-Desk PC

So I've always really wanted an in-desk pc with a glass top and cool rgb lighting effects (I know, I've succumb to the fad), but every in-desk pc "case" is $1000+ O.o


So here's my idea:


I want to buy this desk. I would then have the local shop cut me boards (which I would then paint black) the exact size of the sides, except ~5" tall instead of the ~3.5" included ones, and use those so there is at least 5 inches between the wooden level and the glass. I could mount the hardware to the wood similar to this video except on the top of the wooden layer. I probably wouldn't use a PCIE riser cable at all since I want to use more than 1 slot. Then, I would have them cut a similar piece for the back, except with holes/cutouts for my I/O, radiators/fans, graphics card, other PCIE cards, etc. Finally, I would have them do similar for the front, either in wood or plexiglass depending on how good it looks, with another cut out for front I/O (if I can find a good standalone) and MAYBE a 5.25" drive.


Obviously I would need to do A LOT of measuring and find out EXACTLY where everything is going to go before I do any cutting/purchasing.


But is the idea feasible? I know it would be a bit of a pain in the A, but I have some free time this summer, and more importantly I can't think of a reason why it WOULDN'T work.


Thanks!!! 9_9

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Yes!! Do it, and post pics! And Linus has some videos somewhere about how him and his dad (I think?) made his desk PC. Defo watch it for tips and inspiration!

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