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Intel SSD 750 1.2tb Issue with Rampage V Evtreme



Hi everyone...


sorry for cross posting .. im getting quite desperate in trying to find a solution which doesn't involve me dismantling the PC and taking the parts to services centre...


Following my thread  here i managed to find a solution instead of using the Hyper Kit is an M.2 to Mini SAS HD adapter.  Rather than using the ASUS solution, i purchased a smaller adaperter from serialcables   which  was just enough to clear the GTX1080.


problem is now  the Intel 750 SSD is not recognised within the Asus Rampage Extreme V bios nor during windows install. i updated bios Version to 3504 enabled M.2 in the onboard device configuration...  still no success ... if there something i am missing? i checked all cables are in place.... 

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