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A little problem with Windows 10.

Hello, my friend have a big problem with Windows 10 creator.

The resolution, exceeds of the screen.

Yes he use a tv.

A solution please ?

Thank you ! :)




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Calibrate the tv screen if possible. Otherwise you might want to check settings in your video card software. Maybe that might help. (it looks like the screen does have enough pixels, considering it's only missing a small part)


You might also want to look up center calibration tutorials on google for that screen.


*EDIT: PS: my old computer monitors all have buttons for auto calibration for positioning.

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1 minute ago, Zic05 said:

Right Click


go to display settings


change resolution until it fits

Resolution is fine. He just needs to calibrate his screen. Big chance he has a black bar on the other side of the screen.

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1 minute ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

change overscann settings

This is usually the easiest option.

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Make sure windows is set to the correct resolution first (720p, 1080p, whatever) then go to the TVs settings and clock on auto adjust or something with a similar name.

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5 minutes ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

change overscann settings

this man knows whats up.


does your friend use an AMD card by any chance? those love to do this.


anyways, its in nvidia control panel / amd CCC or whatever they have now somewhere, its mostly a matter of finding the setting, and just trial & error adjusting until stuff fits.

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Look around in TV settings. If there's PC mode, use that. Or if it has auto setting, use that. If its older TV without real PC supprt (aka VGA for PC), then your friend is out of luck.

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