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Cloud Mining. Scam or not to scam?

I have read conflicting reports about NiceHash. Some people say it is a scam and to stay away from it, others say that they have gotten paid. I have free electricity and a relatively powerful PC that is supposedly producing around $5 per day from NiceHash. I haven't been doing it long enough to get a payout. Anyways, when people say it is a scam they never say HOW it is a scam. What is the real deal? I can't find a straight answer on this anywhere.

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I'm in the same situation as you with free power and an RX 480 which I use to mine using Nicehash at the moment, I've used them before and I've always got paid. I've also heard that they haven't been consistent with the payouts but never have I not gotten paid, with that said they have a 0.001 payout threshold and as long as you are below that you won't get paid, also if you mine using Nicehash and stop mining and your are under the threshold they will clean it out (after a while), but all that is stated on their site so no surprise there.

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Nicehash is a great mining platform for beginners or anyone in general. I used it for almost 6 months until I decided to moved to Claymore miner which is a dual miner mining Etherum and another coin at the same time. It is very easy to setup and it sometimes has some inconsistent payouts but other than that it is a great piece for mining software.

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