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SLI Focus Display Gets Black Screen on Startup

Been awhile since I posted here, but I figured I would see if anyone had any suggestions on how to resolve this issue.


I performed a routine reformat of my computer (Something I do every few months) but this time I've encountered an odd issue.


When ever SLI is enabled on my machine, which ever monitor is set as the Focus Display isn't able to get a picture on a reboot. For Context, I have 4 monitors plugged into the same card of my SLI 1080GTX (Has been like this for awhile now). Whenever I reboot my computer, the monitor that is set as the SLI Focus will begin displaying everything as normal, but once it gets inside windows I'll get a glimpse of the login screen before it flashes in and out (very quickly) and then goes black. To be clear, it doesn't have a ''No Signal'' error, it just like windows is telling it to display a black screen.


I can resolve the issue by opening the Nvidia Control panel and either changing the malfunctioning Monitors resolution to a lower resolution and then back (The monitor still shows up in the control panel and everything) or by disabling and re-enabling SLI.


It doesn't matter if I have just 1 screen plugged, or what screen it is, which ever one has sli focus and startup will just display black. Once I fix the problem, SLI works in games as normal and I don't encounter any more issues until the next reboot. Note that i didn't have this issue before I decided to reformat yesterday.


Any suggestions?


My specs are as follows:

Intel 6850k @ 4.5Ghz

Asus X99 Strix Gaming

64Gb GSkill Trident Z

1300W EVGA SuperNova

SLI Asus Strix 1080GTX  (With High Bandwidth Bridge)

Sumsung 950 Pro m.2 SSD

2 Samsing 850 EVO in Raid 0 + 2 Samsung 840 in Raid 0

1TB WD Black

Custom Loop Watercooling CPU + GPU

Windows 10 Pro


Monitors are a missmash of stuff:

Acer Predator X34 21:9 3440x1440

Korean Brand 27inch 2560x1440

LG 22inch 1920x1080

Sharp 32inch 720p



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