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Need help figuring out this problem

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I am doing something for a class, and am having trouble figuring it out. I've googled it for hours with no luck. I am doing this "Variable Manipulation challenge basic 31" challenge from this website called https://www.enigmagroup.org/pages/challenges and have narrowed it down to a "malicious" redirect to index2.php. if anyone knows how to move forward from there. Please let me know, I think this is the last challenge I need to do. At least, I think it's a malicious redirect. Thanks for the help!!

I7-6700k, Asus Maximus VIII Formula, 2 x 8GB Corsair Dominator Plantinum ram, ASUS GTX 960 STRIX, sound blaster zx, 1TB boot drive ssd, 128GB/256GB storage ssd, 1TB storage HDD, 4TB of storage (backup),Windows 10 Pro,1000w psu

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