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BIOS/AI Suite 3 not detecting chassis fan

Hello all,


I'm having an issue where my motherboard doesn't detect chassis fan 2, but the fans are still spinning. AI Suite 3 also doesn't recognize the fans. Here's my set up:


ASUS Maximus VI Hero

1 exhaust fan on Chassis Fan 3 header (works fine)

2 intake fans on Chassis Fan 1 header through a splitter (works fine)

Corsair H100i, pump plugged into CPU header on motherboard with Q-Fan control disabled in BIOS to run at max speed. (works fine)

2 radiator fans connected to Chassis Fan 2 header through a splitter (no longer detected, but still spin)


When I first installed the radiator fans, I didn't have an issue--the BIOS picked them up and I could set a fan curve on AI Suite 3 for them using Fan Xpert 2. However, after running the fan configuration utility on Fan Xpert 2, I can no longer control these fans. If I change CPU Q-Fan control on the BIOS to Auto or Advanced Mode, the board detects the fan, but not the RPM.


I'd appreciate any help I can get with this. Thanks!

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