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I'm interested in upgrading my present system to afford 4k gaming. I presently use a 1440 monitor with Windows 10, GTX 1080 13GB Ram. What 4k monitor would you highly recommend and any other recommendations

to play games at 4k resolution 60fps?

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i own a Philips 40" 4k monitor (amazon link) and love it.. even with its ghosting flaws..  (there is a user review of it on this site somewhere)


currently coveting the Dell 43" 4k monitor (Amazon Link) but will probably just wait until my 40" dies.. because you know i like to keep SOME of my money :)


only other thing i would say is if you can afford to go bigger than 28" you probably should .. it tends to be a bit small for that many pixels and windows scaling will make you cry.. i personally like the 40" dpi but a loty of people find their sweet spot is in the 32" range.

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if you're gonna play at 4K i recommend a 4K G-sync monitor. 4K is still pretty hard to drive even with a 1080, and with G-sync it'll eliminate tearing and make stutters much smoother. on the other hand you can reduce some settings to achieve 4k 60fps 


but any reason why 1440p isn't good enough for you? 


anyways the Asus PG27AQ is a good one 

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i had an asus xb280hk which was a decent display. id still recommend ultrawide over it though

Gaming PC: • AMD Ryzen 7 3900x • 16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz • Founders Edition 2080ti • 2x Crucial 1tb nvme ssd • NZXT H1• Logitech G915TKL • Logitech G Pro • Asus ROG XG32VQ • SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

Laptop: MacBook Pro M1 512gb

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Good question Technicolors. What I'm trying to determine is if there is a substantial difference between 4k and 1440p to warrant the investment? I keep hearing all the raves of how 4k is the next generation and games look absolutely amazing if you have the hardware to support it. If you or anyone can answer that question definitively, that will greatly influence whether I do it or not.

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I'm currently using a 4k monitor and a Fullhd one, but i had experience with qhd before.

I can assure you that you will see a difference, even more than from fullhd to qhd in my personal opinion.

I'm using an LG 27UD58-B and it's absolutely mind blowing.

i'm using a gtx 1080 16gb ram and 6700k and it runs the games on this resolution pretty well, mostly on high-ultra settings at stable 60.

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