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i have a adata 240gb ssd. currently i am using a hard disk to dual boot windows 7 and linux mint 17.3

since i got a ssd i thought of moving only the operating system and use the hard disk to store game and other stuff.

but how can i install windows and linux in ssd to dual boot ?

i tried searching in google but didnt get results to what i expect, it shows results like hrd(os 1) + ssd(os 2). 

i need only ssd to dual boot and i hav plenty of time to fresh install both OS..



i3 2310m

8gb ddr3 ram

500gb hard disk + 240gb ssd

lots of pendrive !!

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1 minute ago, IntMD said:

This should have you covered from a quick look of it

thats for hard disk not ssd. i already running dual boot in hard disk. i justed wanted it in ssd.


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I strongly recommend a fresh installation of both OS's


Cloning doesn't always work correctly

System specs:


GTX 1050


Samsung evo SSD

a few HDD's

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