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Install clean windows on upgraded hp pc?

I have a hp pc I upgraded with more ram, a graphics card capable of actual gaming and a psu to support it. Now I got a feeling I'm getting a lot of issues that might be due to the version of Windows my pc is running, including hp programs etc. I for example can't change the programs that boot up automatically as they are magically reset every time I reboot my pc, I have troubles with downloading certain updates and games through launchers and other programmes (which causes me to be unable to download office through the regular installer and completely denies me from downloading any language packs as there is no offline installer for those), I get random error messages, the search feature in win10 straight up stopped working without a reason for like a few months and then magically returned to me like that friend that ditches you for the popular kids,  but runs back to u when things get though between them, and the list goes on and on.

Should I try to download a clean version of Windows or will that not solve anything? My hard drive is getting pretty full anyways (850/1000GB used)  with partly useless junk so that's also a solid reason. 

01110101 01101100 01100100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100011 01101000 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101011 01101001 01100101 00100001 

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Yeah I would definitely format and reinstall Windows. Though normally it's only recommended when switching out the motherboard, and most other hardware shouldn't matter, it can't hurt. Plus it'll be good to get rid of the HP bloatware anyways. Whenever someone buys a prebuilt it's always a good idea to just wipe and reinstall. 

Lenovo Ideapad 720s 14 inch ------ One day I'll have a desktop again...

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4 minutes ago, That13thGuy said:


Could always make a system image on an external 1TB+ drive if you have one, then wipe your computer and reinstall windows. If anything goes wrong you can always revert back to that system image.

But yes. Re-installing windows is usually the best thing to do if you're having mass software issues for an unknown reason.

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