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Ok guys so im stuck, iv installed all the drivers on my new pc but for some reason i cant get the ethernet driver to install, iv gone to the MSI website on my laptop and downloaded the drivers from there but still nothing. Any help or suggestions?



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When you plug ethernet from a router to the port on the motherboard, are there LED lights? If so, what colors?

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Hey, can you get a screenshot of network adapters in device manager?



|Casual Rig| CPU: i5-6600k |MoBo: ROG Gene  |GPU: Asus 670 Direct CU2 |RAM: RipJaws 2400MHz 2x8GB DDR4 |Heatsink: H100i |Boot Drive: Samsung Evo SSD 240GB|Chassis:BitFenix Prodigy |Peripherals| Keyboard:DasKeyboard, Cherry MX Blue Switches,|Mouse: Corsair M40

|Server Specs| CPU: i7-3770k [OC'd @ 4.1GHz] |MoBo: Sabertooth Z77 |RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 2x8GB |Boot Drive: Samsung 840 SSD 128GB|Storage Drive: 4 WD 3TB Red Drives Raid 5 |Chassis:Corsair 600t 

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