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Sony a6000, is there something better for the same price

Do you want to be filming or taking photos with the camera? If you are taking photos, I think the A6000 is a good buy. Keep in mind that on black friday, BHPhoto had this thing (without lens) for $400 or so. I personally use the bigger brother (A7ii) and it's a great shooter. I know people who use the A6000 and they also love it. If you also want to do video, I recommend spending a bit more and go for the A6300.

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4 hours ago, blairtech said:

I want to get my first camera, I like the form factor of the a6000 and the upgrade ability with new lenses. But I don't know the camera world and I want to know if there is something better for the price. 




If it's your first camera, anything you buy will be something better than anything you have.

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Yeah I got that kit when I got into Sony and love it. If you can try and use it in person before you buy it. I say this because the EVF can bug some people I've notice. It's not a really high resolution display like the a6300 one so it can seem like you looking through a screen door kinda. Not that bad but it has an effect like that. Also if you think you are really going to like this as a hobby keep in mind price. Are you willing to pay sonys price for lens? Sony lenses are more then canon or Nikon lenses. Also if your the type who man handles their stuff and want to be out in the rain I'd go with a canon or Nikon. But I have the Sony and love it for its size.

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Do you actually need the bundled tele lens? if not, I would either not bother or go for something at the $900 price range instead of an a6000.


At that price range, the G7 is another option I see at B&H. 


Personally, I'd prefer a newer camera like the a6300 because it affords over usb charging while in operation unlike the a6000, and you have to take into consideration that poor battery life is the achilees heel of the Sony range right now (there are other drawbacks, but the poor battery life is the most significant). 


I know I will be scolded for even daring to suggest this, but maybe look at the Canon EOS M5 as well as the original a7 (I believe there are bundles with a 28-70mm lens). Now both cameras are overkill for a beginner, and perhaps going with an entry level DSLR, like Canon eos 750d or Nikon d3400 would be best. 


The pros over the a6000: 


Sony a7:

Full Frame 

better ergonomics

better overall camera imo


Canon Eos M5: 

Ability to natively adapt Canon lenses, which are cheaper, more widely available and more options exist

Touch screen

Better interface (again imo)

Dual pixel AF 

5-axis image stabilisation


A Dslr: (larger, but still might be worth it)

Generally cheaper

Faster AF 

Better battery life

Superior ergonomics

Accessories tend to be cheaper


Generally: If this is your first camera, avoid buying a long tele lens, since they are very specific in their use (wildlife sports etc.). I bought one when I was 13, and have used it maybe 5 times in the past 10 years. The kit lens is usually enough until you figure out what you want to do with it. Getting a DSLR instead of mirrorless may enable you to spend less and have less to worry about it if you end up not being that much into it afterall. 

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