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I tried to overclock my Q6600 from 2.4 to 2.5 with only increasing cpu host frequency from 266 to 278, but I did not touched any VCore settings (I can't because my motherboard don't have those settings) and when I tested it with ITB voltage was at 1.312 but back when it was on 2.4Ghz the voltage was around 1.216.. So can anyone explain me what I did wrong or how can I keep increasing my cpu host frequency without cpu voltage increase because the temps went high.
Intel Q6600
Gigabyte ga-965gm-s2

Corsair GS600
HD 6970 2gb
5gb DDR2 (FSB:DRAM 4:5, DRAM Frequency 347.5MHz


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overclocking with core2duos and core2quads was different. If I remember correctly the only thing you have to do( for locked chips anyway) is raise the fsb and disable any power settings such as speed step.

I found this nice guide on anandtech forums

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here you go: 




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Thank you guys, but my problem is that my M.I.T only have these settings and I don't know why is my cpu voltage keep increasing while I'm only increasing cpu host freq, and I think 1.3... cpu voltage is too damn high for 2.5Ghz i see people putting 3.3 on stock voltage.


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