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Fnatic Flick G1 Review




Some firsthand information, sorry for any grammatical mistakes. I got this mouse for $25 off newegg which is quite the steal considering if you wanted to buy directly from Fnatic its like $70 or newegg at $50

Also most of it is going to be compared to the Razer Deathadder Chroma. (i've RMA'd my DA like twice for the same issue which is a no no in my books)



The box itself has a flap which shows the information which is pretty interesting and different from other brands, It shows all the internal specs like the

  • Sensor (Pixart 3310)
  • Switches (Omron D2FC-F-7N)
  • MCU (Holtek Ht68FB560)

While other brands only show it saying "wow 10000 dpi, must buy rgb dank" 


Inside there literally nothing but a manual, nice and simple.


Build Quality

  • Shell: Its got a nice matte black rubberized plastic finish, Feels very solid to the palm.
  • Macros: The macros itself have a glossy plastic finish, isn't that slippery once it warms up to your palmohrvs8d.jpg                                   
  • Mouse Wheel: Very solid and does not shake, Its pretty heavy to scroll through compared to the DA but feels more tactile. QM5YUHP.jpg
  • Sensor Housing: l felt absolutely no sensor rattling, The sensor is guarded by small layered grooves on the bottom of the shell. lnojKNn.jpg
  • Sliders: The sliders have the same feel as the macros themselves same glossy plastic finish. glides very well on my Steelseries QCK no problems here.




To be completely honest the DA's Ergonomics is highly superior compared to the Flick

Main issue is your pinkie on the Flick has no where to rest (Honestly dosen't bother me because the rubber finish opposed to cheap plastic on the DA helps you grip the mouse much better)



W: 68.0mm

L: 126.0mm

H: 40.0mm



So enough of these pictures, is the 3310 sensor good?

So in game the only problem I have encountered was random sensor jitters when going pixel by pixel, prob a firmware issue, I doubt the Fnatic dev team will care to fix.

This problem occurred rarely was just something that happened.


Other than that this sensor is a absolute beast, compared to the DA's famous 3988 it works very nice


Overall a great sensor on this mouse, would've wanted a 3366 but eh.


RGB customization

There are 3 White LED's It is a profile indication, 1 means first, 2nd means second profile, and all 3 of them lighting up means Third profile and You're supposed to be able to change the color but idk how :( 


This is honestly the stupidest thing i've ever seen in a mouse next to the rival 700's OLED screen, I could care less about the little LED's lol



The diode itself compared to the DA or hell even my K65 RGB is very saturated and very bright, Rate it 10/10


All set to same color # (Camera picks up colors differently than Real life)




(showing palm and Claw)

Using palm and even with the weird pinkie eargo, feels great, lifts great (Sorry about the weird claw)




So was this mouse worth it? Hell yea stole it for $25 off newegg, Great mouse, okay eargonomics, Great RGB, Overall a very nice mouse :)  Great replacement for my DA Chroma



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  • 10 months later...
9 minutes ago, L.Lawliet said:

Pic are no longer there..hmm i'll read it again once u updated it..

Nice looking mouse shame it doesnt comes in white..*F-ck you batman

They're here for me and i incognito's to make sure. Which ones are missing for you?

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