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The Best gaming capture software ?

There are a lot of different screen/game capture software out there.

I was wonder which one is the best in terms of fps drop. I know that shadowplay doesn't impact fps so much but i have R9 290.

There is Raptr from AMD but there is also OBS. I couldn't find a benchmark comparison between all different programs.

I dont really care about other features. Fps impact is my main concern.


Btw. I think this could also make a good YT video for Linus

- measuring the fps impact of 4-6 different recording software while a game benchmark is running

  to determine which one is the best.



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Use obs and get your gpu to handle encoding unless you have a super baller CPU. Also try to use a bit rate of like 8k or higher. Pretty sure that's the settings I used to get good looking video.


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OBS is the best software, all be it a bit complex as you need to set it up to encode on the GPU (NVENC or VCE). But on Nvidia right now due to GFE 3.0 and other problems you might find it doesn't work, just forwarning you that Nvidia has f***ed up properly of late in regards to recording and even OBS is broken by it.

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