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Can connect to internet, but not to teamspeak

So as the title says, i cant connect to services like teamspeak or mumble, neigher can i connect to game servers on steam. However, my internet is working fine and i can watch youtube with no problems. I don't really have a clue of what the problem might be, but from what i found on other forums, it is probable that it has to do with my router.


The problem occured suddenly, out of nowhere. I was in a mumble server, playing some team fortress 2 with friends, when suddenly my game froze and i got disconnected from the mumble server. Wierd i thought, i checked my download speeds at that time to make sure it wasnt the network speed that caused the issue, i restarted my pc and router several times, but no luck. Any ideas would be helpful, Thanks.

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Your router may be keeping those ports closed or something happened that caused the firewall on your router to change. this is very likely if you have the one they gave you.

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Do you use a VPN? They often block VOIP ports, so make sure to disconnect if you use one.

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Sorry for not checking my thread, but i solved it a while ago. Reinstalled windows and it started working agan. And i was able to play on other pc's in the network so an internal error was probably the cause

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