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Sometimes when I cold boot my system I get the error code ''00'' on my Asus maximus hero VIII motherboard. The screen won't get any signal and i have to shut it down by holding the power button. Then when I start it up it shows a message on my screen saing : ''Overclocking failed! Please enter setup to re-configure your system, Press f1 to run SETUP''  So pressing F1 will redirect me to the bios, I don't have to do anything there, just restart without changing any settings, or just restart the pc with the power button, and everything works perfectly fine after that. 


The strange thing is it doesn't happen often, just sometimes, but when it does it annoys the crap out of me. I want to know what the problem is.


I am using DDR4 Vengeance lpx 3333mhz ram, with xmp settings on 16-18-18-36-1.35V.

Maybe it doesn't have enough volt, it needs 1.35volt, and xmp is set to 1.35V, but the monitor program says my ram has 1.344v.


I also tried running a Ram test with Windows Memory Diagnostic, no issues found.


Other specs:

Cpu: i7 6700k stock

Gpu Gtx 1080

motherboard: Asus maximus hero VIII.

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"00" is usually a cpu issue. Your overclock on the cpu may be unstable.


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I haven't overclocked the cpu, It's stock. And as far as I have read so far 00 code could be anything

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Is the CPU socket fine? No bent or broken pins?

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I guess it's fine, as the pc works perfect, excellent performance and a great becnhmark score aswell.

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I know this sounds wierd,  but how many monitors is connected and what resolution and refresh rate do they have? 


I used to get a similar error on my z97 gryphon,  the error was supposedly dims slot b2 and could appear even if it was not populated and everything running at stock/defaults.

Problem has not been there ever since i replaced my 3 Asus rog pg278q swifts with the pg278q and a 60 Hz IPS. 


The OC on gpus and CPU has stayed the same.  Only change is the monitors. Its wierd as f*** but might be worth a try if you are in fact running several high refresh panels. 

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