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[Guide] Post Win10 Install Software and Driver Installation

So as the title suggest this will be a quick guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible after a new build and a fresh Windows 10 installation.

The point of this is to get you to the point of having everything you need to overclock and be to the point of installing your games within 20 minutes.

Most of this is completely obvious to some, even to the seasoned builder though, they might find some software they want to try or something they overlooked.

This also has a special emphasis to Gigabyte boards but can be applied to all.


So when you first log in you won't have much of a graphics driver, just a generic one and probably a low resolution if you don't have access to the internet yet. The first thing you want to do is get access to the internet and get your graphics driver. Now if you have a wireless card in your system Win10 is great about automatically detecting wireless cards and downloading some drivers and you should have access to the internet off the fly. If you are using an ethernet cable instead you may not have access to the internet yet. So that is first on our agenda. Do not reboot your computer every time you install a program, it can wait.


Hardware & Driver Essentials:

Newer Gigabyte boards usually require a driver before ethernet works. Depending on what board you have, it usually can be found here or under the support page for your motherboard on Gigabytes website.


You can simply use another computer to put your driver on a flash drive and once installed you'll have internet. After install is when you may (or may not) need to do your first reboot.


Once you have internet, now you can install Chrome, Firefox, and be sure to install Ad Block extensions on both web browsers. This is your first line of defense against malware, preventing it from having access to your machine in the first place. Now we need our graphics driver since we may or may not still have low screen resolution or extra monitors which are not currently showing any display. Once you have the latest driver installed your extra monitors should start working.


For Nvidia you want to download GeForce Experience found here.


For AMD cards you want Crimson found here.


Once you have one of those install the latest driver for your GPU and then you can get to opening up GeForce and setting up your screen resolution, refresh rate, layout, and surround/eyefinity.


Peripherals & Extras:

Now we need to download drivers for our extra hardware peripherals such as gaming keyboards and mouse, or case RGB, watercooling, and fan controller software. We also should visit the motherboard manufacturer and see if there is anything we wish to install. Many of the better motherboards will have a few things to download through an App manager which will offer extra features like overclocking through software applications, hardware monitoring, USB charging controls, audio drivers, motherboard and rear I/O lighting control. All of those are completely optional and you do not have to install all/any of them.


In my case I have an X99M-Gaming 5 (motherboard), in an In Win 805i (case with software controlled RGB), with a Razer Naga (gaming mouse), with a Corsair K95 (gaming keyboard).

So I would follow these links and install what I needed.  Always make sure you have the right model and revision of your motherboard, especially if you choose to update the latest BIOS.


I would download APP Center for the correct motherboard revision and install, then run App Center and any download any apps you wish through it, a few are excluded and have to be downloaded from the website instead of app.


In my case.... App Center > Intel Turbo Boost Max3.0 > System Information Viewer (Intel X99 series) > Ambient LED (Intel X99 series) > Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU).


You'll notice I skipped over about half of them and did not install, skipping over the things which I don't need or want. After installing App Center and it's apps is when you may need to do a reboot, this will be either your first or second reboot. You possibly needed to do a reboot after installing your Ethernet driver.



In Win RGB Halo Driver



Razer peripherals



Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) Software for Corsair mouse and keyboards and Corsair link if you have one of their AIO coolers.



Windows Update:

At this point you should have everything installed for your system and hardware, now we can do a final reboot (second or third reboot at this point). We waited until we had installed all we needed/wanted for our hardware and peripherals first before running Windows Update and installing its updates because we want to make sure we have our driver managers and latest drivers rather than Windows downloading older or generic drivers for us. Run Windows update, any updates will download, you will be prompted to install which will reboot the system for the final time.


At this point is when I would install any Anti-Virus program if you wish to use one. Norton, AVG, Kasper Sky. There are many out there and I will leave it to your own discretion.

Having Ad Block on your web-browsers is your first line of defense.


Also, now is a good time to go into power management and set the power settings to performance instead of balanced if you wish to do so.


Yay! So we are done now. Now it's on to our games and overclocking software.


Games & Voice Comms:







(Mumble, Vent if you want)






Overclocking Tools & Benchmarking:

Cam Hardware Monitoring



Realtemp GT















MSI Afterburner (or EVGA precision, Gigabyte OC Guru, Asus GPU Tweak)






3DMark Firestrike (install this through Steam, buy it too if you really want to benchmark)



Valley & Heaven





So your hardware will more than likely differ from mine but you can apply the guide to fit your hardware.  My choice of software may differ as well. But knowing where, when, and how to get what you need should have you up and running in 30 minutes or less. So hopefully this is beneficial to some people.

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-moved to guides and tutorials-

Solve your own audio issues  |  First Steps with RPi 3  |  Humidity & Condensation  |  Sleep & Hibernation  |  Overclocking RAM  |  Making Backups  |  Displays  |  4K / 8K / 16K / etc.  |  Do I need 80+ Platinum?

If you can read this you're using the wrong theme.  You can change it at the bottom.

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Add Origin on the list of games too. There are EA games you know

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Nova benchmark is  a nice lightweight benchmark too

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I skipped over Geekbench, Nova, Origin, League of Legends, and a handful of others such as Prime 95 because I don't use them and like the other things better.

If people want to comment other good ones they like to use in the comments that is great.

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I'd highly recommend the website https://ninite.com/ for new installs because it makes installing a lot of commonly used apps a breeze. The only problem is that it uses the default settings so if you have a particular way you install one of these programs, don't include it with your Ninite package.


I also use HWMonitor for system monitoring.

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Maybe include GOG Galaxy for those that use it?


Also perhaps mention that people might consider installing the Rivatuner add-on for MSI Afterburner.  Since it may be useful to have the onscreen system info display and ability to set a fps limit.  The fps limit is helpful for reducing/eliminating coil whine in GPUs.  At least it helped when my 1070 was doing that.



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  • 2 weeks later...

As for wireless cards I would really suggest not using tp link wit windows 10 it s been just nighmare...

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