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Shure srh550dj headphone review


The pictures may still suck, but they are better than my phone camera.







Headband wise, same style as the 840's. Leathery top and a mesh bottom.

unfortunately I had some comfort issues with it. the 840's are about 2.5x wider than the 550's.

They just centered the pressure a little too much for me, but it was easily corrected with a slight adjustment.





being supraural they can't rely on the earpads to stay on your head so the clamping force is a lot greater than anything else I own, causing some problems when wearing glasses.

The earpads aren't very deep but are very wide and provide a decent seal. The 840 earpads are a little softer and smoother, but the 550's still have nice pads.





The cable has the same termination as the 840's, but the cable is a much smaller diameter, isn't detachable and splits to go into each cup.







This is a great example of bigger drivers not being better.

the 840's only have 40mm drivers but these have 50mm drivers.


Nothing with these seems nearly as accurate as the 840's

the bass and vocals sound kind of muffled and they aren't nearly as bright as I like, even on tracks I know are fairly treble heavy.


Ideally I feel these should have either slightly lower mids or slightly higher bass, and a lot more treble, but they aren't terrible for their price point.




Final Thoughts


I feel these are a great entry into audio.

There's still lots of improvements to be had in higher end headphones, but if I didn't have srh840's and HE500's sitting next to me, I feel these would be great for everyday use.














Will work for electronic components and parts

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