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I need help with choosing the right parts for my first pc. Can someone help?

Yes it will work, although for you GPU you might want to consider a RX480

Desktop: i7-6700K / Asus Z170 S / H100i V2 / LPX 2400Mhz 16GB / 960 EVO 250GB / 2x 860 EVO 500GB / RM750i  / NZXT H440 XB271H + Z22n Monitors

Laptop: Thinkpad T450s / i7-5600U / 12GB / 860 EVO 500GB

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8 minutes ago, Benny1234 said:

Okey why?

The 960 is old, and the performance/dollar is bad.

Try to find a RX470 / RX480 within your budget.

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Get the GTX 1060 3GB for 200$.

This card will outperform the 960 by quite a margin and

as you are playing on a budget you wont need more than 3GB anyway.

It's 50 bucks more but it's worth it.

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What is the difference between a GPU with one fan and one with 2 fans. Is it a big difference in cooling?


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The 1060 3GB version only has one fan afaik.

And it depends how much pressure, CFM and noise the fan makes.

Quickest way is to find benchmarks for these cards that record

temperature as well then you will know :)


And dont forget to quote people so they know you are asking them a question or when you want to say thanks.

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