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I have a question I was wanting to know if anyone could help me with.


I decided to go with 3/8 ID 1/2 OD PETG. 

My question is ..... Where can I buy fitting other then primochill? I heard something about alphacool's 13mm will work with 3/8 ID 1/2 OD is that true? 

I'm a noob to all the water cooling stuff and read most the post they have helped me alot. Thank You. 

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You should get your fittings wherever you also get your tubing from. There can be slight manufacturing discrepancies between various brands. a 13mm from one company may not be exactly the same size as a 13mm from another. If you get from the same companies, their tubing and fittings will be 100% compatible. If you don't like someones fittings, get the tubing from the other company you're getting fittings on.


That being said, a lot of the time you're fine, since the O-ring is what seals your tubing, and it can fill up most of these discrepancies. But my recommendation still stands.


1" = 25mm.



13mm fittings SHOULD be able to house 1/2" (12.5mm) tubing. But again, its the kind of thing you have to be careful about.

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I'd echo the above and when you're starting out it's just so much simpler and hassle free to get tubing and fittings from same company, or at the very least get 100% confirmation that they will work beforehand... and the only way you'd really get that is trawling the web and finding people who've done builds with the same parts and had zero compatibility issue. You'll have enough to occupy yourself, worry and consider with your build the first the time around, so the last thing you want to add to that is the possibility (however unlikely) that your parts won't actually fit together perfectly!

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