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Hi,  My name is lenboticus I have been builidng PC since about 2000 and took a short time off to have kids :). Anways IN the last 2 years I have really gotten back into building and I want to make the Jump to Hard line Tubing and built in desk system. I am going to be designing the desk myself and putting it together.  I would like it to be something like this cross-desk-side-100051884-gallery.png

But I know that is way way more work and money than my wife will allow me to spend. So. I have decided to get the P3 Thermaltake case and Set into the desk with tempered glass over top. I wouldn't use the glass that comes with the case. I would also leave it open to air under the desk because I am unaware of how to get filters to protect airflow into the box I am setting the P3 case into.


My First few questions is 1.


How hard is hardline tubing to get started with for a first time build. Am I going to be buying 3 times the amount of hardline tubing before I get the technique down??


If I am going to be putting the case horizontal what pump reservoir system is good for that position. I would like to use swiftech because there pumps seems reliable.

2 I am only going to be setting this up for the CPU For now perhaps GPU sometime in the future.


I want to look good but I don't want to spend 6 months building it. Any one gone this route and what are your suggestions.


Thanks Lenboticus

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Welcome to the forum!

Obviously, the first question is have you done water cooling before? Starting out with acrylic tubing is not advisable, I'd stary with soft tubing and then work your way up.

There are many videos on YouTube discussing the pros and cons of acrylic tubing. I'd recommend starting there.

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1. Some will say do soft tubing first and in some ways they are correct Let me explain since your position is similar to mine. I bought PETG since It has more pros then cons. I would buy 4 sticks and practice! I think it was about 10 bucks for the 4 36" sticks from primo chill. When doing bends take your time I cant stress this enough! Unlike PC parts you can buy the cooling parts piece by piece.


1B.  D5 pumps for the win. Alaph Cool has some nice things you should look at. 


2. When constructing the loop build it for upgrading, parts get outdated, and you will always change things around. Since you are holding off on the GPU water block section I would just run the line in the general area. (You could be like "Honey look I'm missing the GPU Cooling, If I had it this system would be so cool.) Lol 


If you need any help feel free to PM me. I try to get on at least once a day. Good Luck!!

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