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Windows 7 won't update

I'm trying to get my fresh copy of Windows 7 that is about a week old to update but it simply wont. I tried to go to windows update and manually click check for updates but it just gets stuck on "checking for updates". Usually in the next couple of days after I install the copy I get a update icon beside the shutdown button but it just hasn't happened. Anyway else I can install the updates? Should I wait longer?


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for work win7 PCs i had to wait a couple of days to get a connection, but finally had no issues. my home win7 PCs never had a connection/update issue.


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This always happens after a fresh install of Win7. For me the longest i had was around 6 hours of checking for updates. After that its fine.

List specs here

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Yeah the windows 7  update client has a huge bug in it.

It has something to do with a couple of pending updates.

It basicly keeps searching for updates forever, and hogging 1.9GB or so from your ram and arround 12% cpu on a 8 core, ussage.

This hog sometimes can take upto  7 hours without any results of finding new updates.


There is a patch for a newer version of the Windows update client, that you might want to try.

The KB3135445 that might fix your problem.

But still i personaly tried in on a VM, and looking for updates still took a pretty long time.

Keep in mind that this new patch will also accept Windows10 preperation updates.

And thats the fishy part of it.

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You can download a trial version of bitdefender total security, it has a built in update checker that bypasses Microsofts "bugs" http://www.bitdefender.com/Downloads/



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it does not "get stuck" checking for updates

it just takes a really long time

you need to leave the PC on for a few days and let it check for the updates first

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