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Will A 1150 Intel Processor Work On a Intel 1155 Processor Board?

Will A 1150 Intel Processor Work On a Intel 1155 Processor Board? I've Got A LGA1155 MOBO But I Can't Pay 500$ For A I5 Or I7. And I Found A 1150 Celeron And Wondering If It Will Work. I Read that 1155 is Forward Compatible with 1150

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No, no it will not work.

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Celeronator (new main rig)

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CPU: Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz Dual Core

RAM: 1GB DDR3-800


GPU: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3600


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While it might physically almost fit, it will not work.

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LGA stands for land grid array, the number stands for the amount of 'dots' on the CPU, so it's physically different so it may fit, but won't work

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bruh... nah.. different numbers.. nah. 

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4 minutes ago, 2018cnaumann said:

Will A 1150 Intel Processor Work On a Intel 1155 Processor Board? I've Got A LGA1155 MOBO But I Can't Pay 500$ For A I5 Or I7. And I Found A 1150 Celeron And Wondering If It Will Work. I Read that 1155 is Forward Compatible with 1150

No, it will not work.

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No! Just... No!

LGA-1156 motherboards ONLY work with 1156 CPU's, 1155 motherboards ONLY work with 1155 CPU's, 1150 motherboards ONLY work with 1150 CPU's & 1151 motherboards ONLY work with 1151 CPU's!


Intel changes the number of pins in the socket so folks do NOT try and install a CPU of one socket number in a motherboard of a different socket number (though the spacing for the mounting holes of coolers is kept the same).

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nope, diffirent amount of pads, you might be able to put it there but it wont work :) 

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This is not AMD, bruh. JK.

You can buy a used 1155 CPU or you can buy another cheap more recent mobo. Since 1155 has been around for I don't know, 4 years I think. Prices tend to go up because there is no demand for those CPUs.

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Like the others said, it won't work.


PCPartPicker does show some LGA1155 CPUs as low as about $40, but you'd need to check store stock.

Also Ebay has some LGA1155 CPUs as well, some cheaper, but not all are working.


I do wish Intel wouldn't change sockets so often, and would use the same socket across the entire product stack.  For example on 2nd, I think LGA775 had both cheap Core 2 Duos and low-clock Pentium 4s (can't recall if some Pentium IIIs also used LGA775 but I don't think so) *and* Core 2 Extreme & Pentium extreme CPUs, I believe.


As for changing sockets less often... I like to keep my overall builds a long time, making peacemeal upgrades along the way as I feel the need.  I prefer to keep my case, motherboard and PSU for like 6 to 8 years or so.  I don't like frequently replacing those, as it requires essentially tearing the entire rig down just to replace one component (well maybe not as much with the PSU).


My own first PC was an AM2 socket (Athlon 64 X2 4000+) with DDR2.  I would have loved to be able to go straight to a 2500K around 2011 (the Athlon was a low-end CPU when I got it for $55-70 in Feb 2008), but I would have needed a new board. (Way back when, Intel & AMD CPUs could go in the same socket.)


My current is LGA1150 (i7-4790K) with DDR3, and DDR4 was a few months away on mainstream & already available on enthusiast.  I'm tentatively hoping to upgrade when DDR5 or DDR6, as well as PCI Express 5, NVMe 3 (would have said SATA gen 5/6 but I don't see that happening), USB 4 or 5, etc. are available without having to go extreme edition socket.


I wish socket types, chipsets, etc. were compatible across more generations.  I can see changing sockets when new major generations in the above examples (DDR, PCIe, etc) are simultaneously released.  For example, I'm thinking when it's time to give your old PC that won't run last year's games higher than 10-15fps at low settings & 320x200 to your parents for office, taxes, etc, and build a new system.


Why can't those of us who keep our towers a long time upgrade our CPUs a few times before we replace the entire computer?  I would love to be able to drop a CPU in my LGA1150 board in, say, 4 or 5 years that in single-thread cinebench would utterly *cream* my 4790K's multithreaded score (like 4 GTX 1080s in SLI would wipe the floor with a Sempron AM1 APU in FireStrike), but alas, that won't happen. :(

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