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Hello I have been thinking of getting headphones or earbuds for awhile since I have None And i just need to know before I buy one and dont like it so here I go

well Im just gonna try and make this nice and comparable and accurate kind of like a microsoft excel with Parrallel points comparing roman architecture against older athens between why the persians attacked athens and how sparta rebuilt stuff better.. anyway

Budget 100 to 200$ Dollars


Slim/Portable for packing on long trips

Folding would be an nice feature but I would sacrifice this for sound

Also being able to move around a bit would be nice


Balanced And good sounding

I like bass but not when it distorts the highs and destroys the song

but I listen to dubstep tropical house classical instrumental guitar etc

for example

Comfortable enough for a days trip


Looks good

the only thing I Would add would be

bluetooth as a nice option


Priority of summary:

Balanced and quality Sound

Slim And Portable 

Looks Good


Bluetooth/NFC Optional but not priority ( Use this as your second or something )


Earbuds and Headphones Open and closed are welcome


It might be a little vague but In reality Im just looking for nice looking headphones that have nice sound and arent huge or way above 200$


I really like the Xiaomi headphones but Im not sure how they sound and there's not much reviews on it




Open back may be too much traveling with people next to you so maybe find something else along with it


Like the one cord


Thanks for Reading  your help would be greatly appreciated!!

And remember

Freedom isnt free

it is earned 


God bless








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hmm looks pretty gooed, and yes did you hear the original its pretty nice too I love the sound of that remix its like it really sounds like something you could hear in 25 years

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anyway.. these ATH M50s are looking pretty good, what do you think about those MI headphones Im worried they wont sound as Im expecting which is "good"

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Shure 440 or 840

Sony MDR-V6 or 7506

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