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Help with worktop stability



I currently have got a 2M length and 900mm length worktop. I have got four legs (two of each side of it) and it is quite wobbly. They are steel legs, however the worktop is not attached to the wall, is there any way to make it more stable, could you list a few options


I have got my system and monitor on it


These are the legs on one side






GPU[Two GTX 980ti Lightnings overclocked]-CPU[Core i7 5930K, 4.4Ghz]-Motherboard[MSI X99 Godlike]-Case[Corsair 780t Black]-RAM[32GB Corsair Dominator 3000Mhz Light bars]-Storage[samsung 950 Pro 512GB, Samsung 850 Pro 1TB and Samsung 850 Pro 512GB]-CPU Cooler[EK Predator 360mm]-PSU[EVGA 1600w T2 Individual cables Red]-Monitor[ASUS PG348Q]-Keyboard[Corsair K70 Red]-Mouse[Corsair M65 RGB]-Headset[sennheiser G4me one]-Case Fans[beQuiet Silent Wings 2]

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