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Access Database help



I would like to be able to calculate a weekly income and monthly income based between two dates and when using a Grand Total field (I have multiple values here)


I have Arrival Date and Departure Date and would like something this this "between [Arrival Date] and [Departure Date] + Grand Total


I guess I have to do this in a query



GPU[Two GTX 980ti Lightnings overclocked]-CPU[Core i7 5930K, 4.4Ghz]-Motherboard[MSI X99 Godlike]-Case[Corsair 780t Black]-RAM[32GB Corsair Dominator 3000Mhz Light bars]-Storage[samsung 950 Pro 512GB, Samsung 850 Pro 1TB and Samsung 850 Pro 512GB]-CPU Cooler[EK Predator 360mm]-PSU[EVGA 1600w T2 Individual cables Red]-Monitor[ASUS PG348Q]-Keyboard[Corsair K70 Red]-Mouse[Corsair M65 RGB]-Headset[sennheiser G4me one]-Case Fans[beQuiet Silent Wings 2]

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