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Microsoft will allow Xbox gamers to play against PS4 and PC players

5 hours ago, 3DGamerOnSteam said:

Well pc player can use controllers, so car games are less of an issue, but shooters...


Shh, I edited it away after rereading what the person I quoted said.



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Honestly this should have been a thing since PS2/Xbox generation. The only thing I could see an outcry about is that console users are paying a fee to play online, which is complete crap and is the main reason I stopped playing on Xbox.


As long as you can turn off crossplay in your own game then I don't think console users would raise a stink about playing against PC users and I personally don't care if a console user has aim assist, it doesn't make them an aimbot, just levels the playing field a bit.


I welcome this 100%, it's great that so many games in the future could have more total population so most don't die off straight away, like Battlefront. On PC there's only 2,000 people playing, but on console it's 40,000(combined). If PC players could join them then the PC version of Battlefront wouldn't be dead right now.


Hopefully more games take advantage of this in the future, more people the better!

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This really needs to be featured in this weeks WAN show... LLT please read about this and tell us what you think about it. In my opinion it is awesome.

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Sounds like a great idea! Any disadvantages or advantages that could exist won't be so bad that it makes playing unbearable.

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