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what is the best Square Enix game on sale right now?

the ones that are < $10

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DE Human Revolution

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Tomb Raider 2013

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I know you said under $10... but seriously, the Eidos Collection for $31 is a ridiculous steal. I bought that during the summer sale last year in spite of the fact I've already played most of the games in it.


But to meet the under $10 requirements, I'd say the $5 Tomb Raider collection is a pretty great value considering it includes Tomb Raider 2013. And you'd have plenty of extra cash left over (probably) to throw in Hitman Blood Money, which you could play to gear you up for the new Hitman coming out next week. :D


EDIT: I see now that that is the Tomb Raider DLC collection, not the Tomb Raider collection. D'oh! But yeah, Tomb Raider was great. $5 for that game alone is a good deal. 

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Deus Ex: GOTY, and you can apply the 'Deus Ex: Revision' mod free, so the game won't look too old


Also, the Deus Ex Collection is quite good, the first one is great and Human Evolution is a nice game. Invisible war is also a solid game, although I think that somehow inferior (I guess because the other two are very good games). I haven't played the Fall, but reviews are pretty bad though...

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  • Final Fantasy V + VI
  • Final Fantasy VII + VIII
  • Tomb Raider 2013

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