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The Misconceptions about Windows 8 - Why you should buy it!

So i made this quick video talking about peoples misconceptions of windows 8 and why it's really not that bad. So what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG3KBRnEp7I

I hope i can convince some of you who haven't got it yet to make the switch. It's really awesome! ;D

I'm an 18 year old Tech Lover and YouTuber from South England. Subscribe here - *Link removed* :D

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I still think it's bad. It's too dumbed down and handicapped in my opinion.

Stuff like not being able to postpone updates and shit. There's a lot more examples, but generally it's small stuff that you notice while using the OS. Pretty irritating at the least.

Also it's completely non-intuitive. You right click an icon, and then the menu pops up at.. the bottom of the screen? Also when you search for ''apps'', you can't find stuff like device manager or uninstall or anything. First you need to go to the control panel (which makes you go back to the desktop) and from THERE you can search anything.

The metro interface feels like an entire separate operating system. It doesn't work nicely along with the desktop and it just feels awkward to use.

Logan has a nice video about it, you should check it out.

Also all this nonsense about ''apps'' and having an ''app store'' and ''social media integration'' drives me mad. Have I mentioned advertisements in the preloaded apps?

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I have switch to Ubuntu completely since windows 8 came out, Win 7 was the best since XP. Both witch i gamed on heavily, but since last year i only really game at LAN parties with friends. I have a small side computer that used to be a server for that. WIndows 8 boots a little faster of an ssd than windows 7, and the only reason my LAN computer runs windows 8 is because as a computer engineering student we get a free copy for "academic purposes" XD and Linux does not have solid support of SC2 and Planet Side 2. There really is no reason to get windows 8. They build a complete OS around touch when 99.99999999999% of people have a desktop without touch monitors...... The whole added metro and touch feature should have been optional things you can enable, not the forced center piece of the OS.

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that app interface is kind of nice. I find myself swapping to it to quickly see multiple newsfeeds. I don't like staying there though

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The default start up screen feels like a huge website since it is basically shortcuts to websites. Does not feel like a *personal* computer anymore.

person below me is a scrub

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Maybe it's because I'm simple-minded and like everything organized for me in tiles. It's nice for booting and going immediately into what you want to do. I didn't find it natively unintuitive; I think it's more like being trained into wanting the start button or whatnot.

Anyways, Classic Shell is pretty nice too. The good thing about it is that it allows for pretty much any Windows UI or one you can modify yourself. Fool your friends into thinking that you're running XP :D

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