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Going from a Tier 5 PSU to Tier 2 (or 1)

I build my system back in 2010 I have an i5 750, for five years it ran off of a 400w Topower PSU. I then upgraded to a Thermatake TR2 600w, I did some OC'ing to my i5 750 to bring it to 4.0GHz. My voltage on my motherboard is set to a little less than 1.25v with CPU-Z reading 1.232v.


I didn't like how loud my Thermaltake was, so I did some research, found out that the TR2 is a terrible PSU. I then found a deal on a Corsair HX750i and will install that.


I am wondering what advantages I'll get with the HX750i over the TR2, what harm might have been caused by running the TR2 for 6 months (OC for 1 month), and whether the HX750i will change how my computer runs in relation to my OC. (whether I need to change the voltages now that I have a better PSU)

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There won't be a direct difference to it, straight up. Main difference will be sound and knowing it will work tomorrow. As well as that you will have space to upgrade in future if needed.

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Main difference is that you doth have to worry about your PSU exploding and a better upgrade path, and maybe like 2 FPS

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if the PC still works then there hasnt been any damage done by the thermaltake PSU

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Could now probably overclock it higher and set voltage to 1.3

also now you can overclock the GPU as well


the difference between a Tier 5 and Tier 4 PSU are trivial safety protections (meaning Tier 5 most of the times lack trivial safety like over power protection, short circuit protection which basically can cause your house to burn down)

difference between Tier 4 and Tier 3 are additional advanced safety features and better voltage regulation with greater tolerance to noise in AC

difference between Tier 3 and Tier 2 are even better voltage regulation with even greater tolerance to noise in AC and most of the times greater power efficiency

difference between Tier 2 and Tier 1 are even more greater voltage regulation, ripple suppression and even better power efficiency

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18 minutes ago, Shad_Stang said:

Woah, I don't want my PSU burning down my house, how might that happen with a TR2?

The PSU could catch on fire and... Well, houses are flammable.

It's not an immediate danger, but it's far more likely to happen with bad power supplies.


Now, I think there's also a thing where it can cause the wires running in your wall to short and burn, but the likelyhood and specific causes of that are not something I'm sure of...

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There are tiers list that scale from 1-9ish, where each of the units can be consider "acceptable" purchases to some degree, while other tier list may only have five tiers, where tier 5 can be for PSUs that are at the bottom of the barrel and you probably don't want to used in your system. Personally, I don't like tier list, but telling you how much of a difference between each pair will be will depend on how the creator defined each tier.


Anyways, the HXi will offer better build quality, electrical performance (v.reg, ripple suppression, transient loads, etc), efficiency, functionality (full modularity, Corsair Link, audible noise due to a very relax fan profile and quiet FDB fan), etc. than the TT TR2 600

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It's worth pointing out that there are two different sets of TR2 units. The older TR2 units were trash, barely any better than the Topower unit you had. But the newer TR2 units are actually sort of decent. 


The HX750i is still going to be more efficient and quieter, and last longer. 

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