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USB 3.0 Hub needed

Seems like such a basic peripheral and almost silly to ask help for but all USB hubs I have used have had terrible performance less than 40mbps when plugging in an external drive where as the drive gets 150+ when plugged into USB 3.0 directly. No idea if this is just a flaw with usb hubs or if I've just bought cheap/bad hubs.


I have broken my front USB ports on my computer by my own idiocy by breaking a pin on the motherboard so I'm only a 2-4 port hub that can offer max performance over a single port.

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Check out the NZXT Aperture M


It does more than what you need, but It will allow you use front usb 3.0 ports if you have any empty front bays. I have it, and its pretty cool.

Computers r fun

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