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[REVIEW] Silverstone RVZ02


In this review we are going to look at a new case from Silverstone the Raven RVZ02 which offers the possibility to build a full gaming system in a case that has dimensions close to a console. The design placement of the components is rather unique, but we will look into when we get there.

The maximum length of a video card that you can mount is up to 300 mm, therefore almost all high-end video cards will be able to be placed in this case. The main feature that differenties this case from its competitors in the ITX category is the way that you are mounting the components.

The video card will be mounted with a PCI Express adapter that has an angle of 90 degrees and a PCI Express riser.





I can say that the package is pretty special, the case comes packed in a textil material and a black box that announces the fact that we are dealing with a unique product and we need the manual.

After pulling the protection and we open the case with a screwdrive (since this time the tool less design didn’t appear) we can find the accessories and the well needed manual (right?).




The accessories are:

·         Two supports to mount the case on a vertical position

·         The two PCI Express adapters

·         ZIP Ties

·         4 rubber supports for horizontal mounting

·         Screws, adapters for video cards and other components



The bundle is pretty generous I can say for a case this small.





In this part of the review we are going to talk about the design and functionality of it. The design is minimalist on the exterior with straight, sharp lines which offers a modern appearance, easy to integrate in a living room. Compared with a PS4 console, the dimensions of the case are close to it (case: 380mm x 87mm x 370mm and 275mm x 53mm x 305mm for the PS4).



The two side panels represents the case itself, the cassis and the front panel are the only parts that do not need to be removed when installing components. The only format supported for motherboards is mITX, so it reduced a wide range of motherboards, but that doesn’t mean that the performance of the system will be worse compared with a full ATX motherboard, on the contrary, there are motherboards like the Asus Maximus VIII Impact on the socket 1150 that offers exceptional facilities for a motherboard in this format.


Also, the height for a cooler is limited 50 mm, but I think anyone who wants a system as small as this one, he is aware of the limitations that necessary. The case only supports SFX and SFX-L power supplies like the one that we are going to use in this review, the Silverstone SFX-L 500W Gold which will be discussed in deatil in another review. Even though is so small and there are no fans mounted expect for the one from the power supply, video card and cooler, the case offers a good airflow. The airflow is influenced by the position of the components so that the CPU Cooler will get fresh air from a ventilation slot, the same with the card and the power supply. The ventilation slots are covered by a plastic protection that comes with dust filters.


In the front panel we find a very thin bezel and front connectors, namely two USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5mm jacks for headpones and a microphone. The connectors are covered by a black mask that can move vertically and at its base there is an LED. The only criticism that I have is that the lid is not mounted on a rail for a smooth motion.


The interior



Inside, the RVZ02 case comes with two bays for 2.5 inch SSDs and also a bay for slim optical drive like the ones find on laptops. In the space for the video cards, if the video card is not that long you can mount a 3.5 inch storage drive (HDD). In recess for mounting the motherboard, the panel is cut so that the cooler can be mounted without removing the motherboard.


Installing the components


  • Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Impact
  • CPU: i5 6600k
  • Cooler: Silverstone AR06
  • SSD: Kingston V300 120 GB
  • Power supply: Silverstone SX500-LG
  • Resolution: 1366x768

As I said in the previous chapter, the manual is a necessity in terms of installing the components in the case, not because someone will not be able to mount the components in the system so that the system works, but the manual comes with some indications as the positioning of the case. For example, I recommand installing the power supply, the I/O Shield, the motherboard and the PCI Express riser and then the CPU Cooler.



The power supply needs to be modular, the space provided for WM is limited and the cables from the power supply should be flat and malleable. SSDs are mounted in a shank interesting from my point of view, even though I’d wanted to see a bay for 3.5 inch HDDs instead of two bays for 2.5 inch.

The video card can be fitted with a special support not to touch the side panel of the case, but as long as the case is standing in a vertical position, there shouldn’t be problems of this kind.


Test results



I ran an Intel Burn Test to see the temperatures that the system can reach just stressing the CPU. I can’t say that the i5 6600k has a really big TDP, therefore the temperatures even with a cooler as small as the Silverstone AR06 should be pretty low.



The results in idle and full load are below and they show a surprinsgly good temperature for an ambient temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius in a case this small.





And the conclusion for the case, is it worth it? Is it a progress since the old RVZ01?


I consider that the case deserves to be acquired if a possible buyer wants a mITX system as small as possible and close to a console design. The case is really different to the competitors of the mITX cases (and now I’m reffering to the Corsair 380T which is a case where you can mount mITX motherboards, but the dimensions of it are a lot larger).


Also, I consider the RVZ02 an evolution since the RVZ01 not because the exterior has changed, but because the interior uses the space more efficient.


At an approximate price of 75$, Silverstone RVZ02 is a good alternative to consider when you want to construct an HTPC, multimedia PC or even a gaming computer in a case this small.



·         Dimensions

·         Design

·         Airflow



·         The lack of the 3.5 inch bay


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Standing up beside big monitor / TV, unless its 65" TV, it looks meh. Id rather see black full tower pc on floor.


I prefer fractal design approach. More sleek, fits more. But without logos etc.

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It was just a comparison with a 32 inch TV, I don't think anyone will intend to put it that way in a living room. :)


When you are saying Fractal Design approach, you mean the Node 202 case? 

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Standing up beside big monitor / TV, unless its 65" TV, it looks meh. Id rather see black full tower pc on floor.

I prefer fractal design approach. More sleek, fits more. But without logos etc.

That's where the ftz01 comes in

n0ah1897, on 05 Mar 2014 - 2:08 PM, said:  "Computers are like girls. It's whats in the inside that matters.  I don't know about you, but I like my girls like I like my cases. Just as beautiful on the inside as the outside."

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