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Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 fan controller?



I have a GA-X99-UD4 mobo and a coolermaster nepton 240m and in the bios i was playing with the fan speeds. My problem is the pump is running at 2800 rpm and it has an annoying high pitched sound to it, and i can set whatever i want in the bios it wont change. So i downloaded the gigabyte system information center app which allows me to control fan speeds, but that program doesnt let me change the speed either. My cooler fans are connected the cpu opt pwm output so i thougth ill just switch the pump to that, btw. the pump has a pwm plug. After i switched to the cpu opt plug i got the same temps at a lower rpm from the pump and it worked great, but the next time i booted up my pc it didnt recognize the pump and the pump wasnt running so gladly i noticed it before it overheated because all the other fans where kicking it and the pc got really loud.

so when i plug in my cpu pump in the cpu opt outlet it sometimes recognizes it and sometimes it doesnt, and that just seems weird. does anybody know how to make the mobo recognize the pump and let me controll the rpm speed?

I tried speedfan and it doesnt recognize any of fans so cant really change anything. I usually render stuff for school, but now im just trying to study. the pump noise is driving my concentration insane lol


any ideas?




my setup

5820k @4.1ghz


16gb corsair 2600

asus strix gtx 970


im already looking at aircooling, thats how annoyed i am right now lol

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